[Top Ten Tuesdays (5)] Blogging Confessions

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Hello Readers! We’re back with another Broke and The Bookish’s Top Ten Tuesday!

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PEP_8351-Edit-XLBry: This is going to be a tough one!

1. I am INSANELY impatient when it comes to getting books that I want – if I request that ARC, I want it NOW, and no other time is acceptable. Give it to me! This makes Edelweiss especially difficult to deal with. I’m still going out of my skin waiting for my request on Mortal Heart. GIVE IT TO ME NOW.

2. I never read any reviews for a book I intend to review, until I have finished it and jotted down my own opinions. I never want to seem as if I’ve copy-catted someone’s sentiments or thoughts. Its my academic roots at heart, deathly afraid of the plague that is plagiarism! These are my brain-babies!

3.  If its history, especially history that I like, I am not going to shut up about it. I really really just want to rave and rant for hours about the intricacies and details of historical events and people, and if you’re into this and can keep up with me, I am going to fall conversationally in love with you. This makes it hard to curb my historical-raving-tsunami-of-words when I get to writing reviews for historical fiction. I just want to blather and blabber forever!!!

This was something to fangirl about!!

This was something to fangirl about!!

4. I don’t ship. Rarely ever am I rooting for the romance to happen in a book. If it does, cool. If it doesn’t, and its beautifully written to keep two people apart, I’m okay with that too. If I think a character is written very sexy and appealing, I’m going to be thinking through my own mental f*ck rather than that of the character’s love interest. This also happens rather infrequently, but I have a space in my heart for Anne Rice’s Marius. I still really don’t care about whether or not he ends up with Pandora. So I’m never going to write about ships. I’m not on any team!

5. I also don’t fandom. I fangirl really hard on my own and may share this enthusiasm with my friends or the people that comment or want to interact, sure, but I am not part of any ‘fan community’. If you want to talk to me about something I love, please do! But I’m probably not in on the blogging conversations or fandom repartee anywhere.

302722_10152199913595058_122942404_nFry: Blogging confessions? This is super hard. Not gonna lie. I think I got this though.

1. I am the worst at social media. I hate to bother people, so promoting my stuff just seems like the epitome of self-indulgence and ego-stroking that I actually have to work on linking back to the blog or making posts to the twitter and facebook page. I don’t know if this is because I’m an introvert or if it’s because I’m not big on tooting my own horn, but either way its tough. It’s a hurdle I’ll have to get over, like being super anxious about phone calls to people I don’t know (which I did get over, and now I can order pizza without panicking).

2. It’s super hard to write a review about a book I really like. There are only so many ways I can express how amazing it is without sounding like a broken record. I’m going to have to get better at this.

3. It’s also just as difficult for me to write a review about a book I find so so. My tone will dramatically change from paragraph to paragraph or will sound less than sincere because I will be moving from panning one aspect to stating redeeming qualities.

4. I will sometimes write a post and remember something I want to add to it in the middle of the night, when I can do absolutely nothing about it. By the time morning comes, the revelation is gone, and the review remains unchanged.

5. I love getting ARCs, but at the same time I hate how far ahead of the curve I am from my friends. They’re finally getting into a series I read months ago and are super excited, but I’m currently excited about the new thing I’m reading. We never sync up and they always get a tempered version of my feels instead of the initial excitement and high from a fresh reading.


Headshot 1. Sometimes, I make the worst spelling mistakes ever. I try hard to proof-read and re-read everything I write, be it a short-story, a drabble, or of course a review, but I end up making bad mistakes, even when I use the spell/grammar check. It can be so embarrassing!

2. I am in multiple fandoms. Seriously, just about anything I fangirl on, books or movies or shows, I end up making friends among people in those fan communities. And on things like Tumblr and Facebook, I’ll follow or join or friend others in the same group. This of course means I reblog, or share stuff from them. The only time I feel ashamed about these groups are when the dumbest of us (and there are both good and bad among every community) ends up drawing negative attention. But for the most part, I love my fandoms. Every one of them.

3. I will read almost any manga. At least the first chapter. If the first chapter or volume doesn’t grab me, I stop reading. If something about it intrigues me enough, I’ll continue reading. I’m the same with TV shows. If I don’t like the first episode (or sometimes the second), I will stop watching.

4. I’m picky. About food, music, books, and movies/TV. It’s hard for me to get in to various things. And when I do, I fall hard. So, when something comes up, bookwise or on TV or in films and I know I’m going to obsess over it if I watch, I try to put it off. When my friends, though, push me enough, or they give me enough good reasons to stop procrastinating, I will give it a watch.

5. I totally ship. When a pairing in a medium makes sense to me, or is obviously something going to happen/could happen/happens, I support it hard. There are some ships though I will NEVER back because, for me, I just don’t see it. Even in certain variations on the same characters in different shows/movies, if one version has enough to support the ship for me, I get behind it, but if another version doesn’t, then I won’t get in to it. And shipping can go ANYWAY for me. Het, gay, pan-sexual- it doesn’t matter! Love is love, and chemistry is felt across all people.

Written by Bry


I’m Bry, and I’ll be your saucy guide in the realm of historical and supernatural fiction.

With a BA and ongoing MA in History, I am avidly passionate and easily excited over anything written in a time period of my interest. My primary specialty is the Italian Renaissance, but I have extensive expertise in Tudor Britain, Louis XIV France, and am well versed in antiquity and general world history. Because of my deep love for the past, I am drawn to supernatural fiction, particularly when woven together with myth and historical background. I also love high-adrenaline reads, whether its horror, mystery, thriller or well written sex. Give me something to excite me.

When not reading, I am a fitness model, sponsored athlete and personal trainer.

7 Responses to “[Top Ten Tuesdays (5)] Blogging Confessions”

    • Fry

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Yeah, it’s super hard for me. I finally got into doing it ONCE a day, but some bloggers do it in the morning and the afternoon. I’ll get there eventually. Most of the people on my twitter are just my IRL friends. I guess if I get more book blog people, I won’t feel like such a bother.

  1. Susan (Bloggin' 'bout Books)

    I SO agree with Bry’s #2. I’ll SKIM a review for a book I want to read, but I never read it in detail because (1) I don’t want spoilers, not even hints about a surprise ending or an amazing plot twist, and (2) I don’t want someone else’s opinion about a book to color my own. I want my reviews to be purely my own.

    Happy TTT, guys!

    • Bry

      Thanks for your input! It’s even harder when its a series and even the synopsis can spoil things, or thoughts!

  2. Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

    I’m pretty impatient too. I also refuse to read reviews of books that I plan to read and review too because I don’t want someone else’s opinion to affect my own. I will look at ratings, but not details. Sometimes I think it’s easier to write a review of a book I didn’t like than one I did too. And I understand what you mean about never being in sync with your friends because you read an advanced copy. I have that problem too. But it was that way when I wasn’t getting ARCs too. My friends read, but they never read at the same pace as I do. Nice confessions guys!

    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

    • Fry

      RE: Friends
      We were pretty close to on the same page before I started blogging, now I can only meet them on the playing field if I also haven’t read something.

      Thanks for stopping by, great input!

    • Bry

      At least we have each other! Haha, Fry and I may have different tastes, but patterns have proven time and time again that if one of us LOVES a book, show, movie, anything, the other won’t be far behind!!!

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