[ARC Review] A Good Debutante’s Guide to Ruin by Sophie Jordan

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I received this book for free from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

[ARC Review] A Good Debutante’s Guide to Ruin by Sophie JordanA Good Debutante's Guide to Ruin by Sophie Jordan
Series: The Debutante Files #1
Published by HarperCollins on July 29, 2014
Genres: Historical, Regency, Romance
Pages: 384
Source: Edelweiss
The last woman on earth he would ever touch . . .

Declan, the Duke of Banbury, has no interest in ushering Rosalie Hughes, his stepsister, into society. Dumped on him with nowhere else to go, he's determined to rid himself of the headstrong debutante by bestowing on her an obscenely large dowry . . . making her the most sought-after heiress of the Season.

. . . is about to become the only one he wants.

But Rosalie isn't about to go along with Declan's plans. Surrounded by fortune hunters, how is she supposed to find a man who truly wants her? Taking control of her fate, Rosalie dons a disguise and sneaks into Sodom, a private club host to all manner of illicit activity—and frequented by her infuriatingly handsome stepbrother.

In a shadowed alcove, Declan can't resist the masked temptress who sets his blood afire . . . any more than Rosalie can deny her longing for a man who will send her into ruin.

I am going to admit something, I like happy endings and the feeling I get when I have been swept up in the throes of a good romance. I am not ashamed to admit this.


I really liked A Good Debutante’s Guide to Ruin because it was sweet, sexy, and swept me away. The book starts off with Rosalie Hughes when she is quite literally left on the doorstep of her estranged step brother’s house, the Duke of Branbury. Rosalie has nowhere else to go because her mother left her at finishing school way past the appropriate age. Declan, out of a sense of familial obligation takes her in, gives her dowry, and vows to see her married with the help of his aunt and cousin.

I liked the antics that ensue from then on. After a time, Declan and Rosalie start to see each other in a very different light. Don’t let that stop you from reading, Rosalie and Declan were not raised together, and they spent one summer together when she was girl and he was fifteen before Declan was sent away to school. They have not seen each other in years and are step siblings in name only. There is nothing to get weirded out about when they start seeing each other: her womanly curves and his strong masculine features; you get the picture.

I liked the story of two people who have been scared and traumatized by the same person finding love and acceptance in one another. Roaslie’s mother is a worthless human being and only two people who have experienced the depth of selfishness can truly understand. I liked that even though Rosalie has been cast aside by the one person who is supposed to put her first, she still finds a way to laugh, make friends, and even act scandalously. My favorite side character in this story is partner in crime, Declan’s cousin, Aurelia. I liked that she had a way of getting under the un-ruffable feathers of Lord Camden. I sense a story there I can’t wait to read.

All in all I like A Good Debutantes Guide to Ruin because it swept me away and left me swooning a nice cloud of happy.



Written by Amy Gilman

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