The Bout of Books 11!

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The Bout of Books read-a-thon is organized by Amanda @ On a Book Bender and Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal. It is a week long read-a-thon that begins 12:01am Monday, August 18th and runs through Sunday, August 24th in whatever time zone you are in. Bout of Books is low-pressure, and the only reading competition is between you and your usual number of books read in a week. There are challenges, giveaways, and a grand prize, but all of these are completely optional. For all Bout of Books 11 information and updates, be sure to visit the Bout of Books blog. – From the Bout of Books team

Well, we’ve never done a read-a-thon before, so why not! It looks like it’ll be a whole lot of fun! I convinced a few of my co-bloggers to join in on this jaunt and I absolutely cannot wait!

Fry’s Goals:
I can usually get through maybe three books a week. I’m hoping to try to push that to five by upping the reading time I do during the week. Hopefully the kids going back to school won’t throw me off my game too hard. I always read most of the day on the weekend, so I really just need to up my reading during the week. My theme for the challenge will be  HORROR.

The Terror
The Girl From The Well
The Three
The Newsflesh Novellas (The Day the Dead Came to Show and Tell, Last Stand of The California Browncoats, How Green this Land How Blue this Sea)
The Strain
The Fall

Nothing kept my attention yesterday. I was a big bubbly ball of energy that was consistently having a migraine and was nauseated all day. Yay! Post pregnancy hormones! D: Anyway, I got through-
137 pages of The Girl From The Well (50%)
2 Short Stories- The Legend of Troop 13 and The Good Husband
1 chapter of California
32 pages of Fiend

Ahahaha whoops. I read very little in the way of actual books.
25 pages in The Girl From The Well
Badfanfic all night

Um, well I didn’t read all day and then I went to Epic Reads #arcparty so…
1 chapter of The Girl From The Well
40 pages of The Fall

1 chapter of The Girl From the Well
The Fall of The House of Usher

Finished! The Girl From the Well
160 pages of The Fall
52 pages of Lailah
A few ‘chapters’ of The Strain

Finished! The Fall
1/3rd of The Strain
Finished! The Day The Dead Came to Show and Tell

Bry’s Goals:

I average about 2-3 books a week, when GISHWHES shenanigans and birthdays aren’t completely taking over my life as they have been for most of August, so this is a great chance to catch up on the reading I’ve been missing. I’m going to aim somewhere between 3 and 5, and since I’m writing reviews at the moment for October, I am joining Fry in reading HORROR!

The Terror
The Three
The Troop

The Strain Trilogy

Finished! California
Finished! Choke
100 pages of The Terror
40 pages of The Three

20 pages of The Three

240 pages of The Three


Finished! Birdbox
Finished! The Three
Finished! Unlocked (Locked in Novella)

Finished! The Troop

100 pages of Parasite

Amy’s Goals:

Fry convinced me to do the read-a-thon as well though it didn’t take much to get me join.  I will be taking this opportunity to catch up on some Fantasy/Urban Fantasy books in my TBR.

Heir of Fire
Free Agents
Snow Like Ashes
House of the Four Winds
The Ring and the Crown

50% of House of the Four Winds
15% of Heir of Fire

Finished! House of the Four Winds
35% of The Ring and the Crown

20% of Heir of Fire
28% of The Ring and the Crown

Finished! The Ring and the Crown
20% of City of a Thousand Dolls
17% of Heir of Fire

Finished! Heir of Fire

 50% Snow Like Ashes
10% of City of a Thousand Dolls

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10 Responses to “The Bout of Books 11!”

    • Bry

      Thanks Sarah!
      I just finished the entirety of everything Newsflesh and I am still having strong feelings and deep fan-girl glee over them!

    • Fry

      YES! I’m done with the main Newsflesh series, but there are so many Novellas! And I’m looking forward to Horns. Since I added it to the list, I’ve been hearing good things!

  1. Katie Who Can Read

    I’d never heard of The Girl From The Well until today, and now I’ve come across it in three different places. How are you finding it? I’ve got Horns on my readathon shortlist and hope to get through that one on one of my days off. I loved Hill’s N0S4R2 (or A2 depending on where you are in the world) and have just got back into his dad’s work this year as well. Happy reading to you all.

    • Fry

      So far, I’m not sure how I feel. I’m a little over halfway and it’s a bit disjointed in its storytelling. It’s supposed to be from the ghost’s point of view, but has snippets of feelings from the other main characters? Is she telling us how she thinks they feel? I’m not sure. She also counts an awful lot. I do like that she’s the exact girl from the well you’re thinking of, and is the antihero of the story. That makes it fun.

      I read Heart Shaped Box a few years back, so I know I like Hill’s writing. Hopefully, he can hit it out of the park again! :3

    • Fry

      Thanks! I dunno if I’m gonna make it, but it’s fun to set the bar high and see where I can get!

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