[Recap] Tuesday Night Badfic! 8-19-2014

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Goodness, we’ve been hosting Tuesday Night Badfic for almost a year now and while we generally tweet random junk on twitter during the act, and generally half invite everyone ever, we never officially talk about it. The premise is simple, grab some booze (if you’re inclined), get a microphone and read some of the weirdest stuff the internet has to offer. We never read through the fics first, grabbing things from lists and forum suggestions or by just finding a crack sounding pairing or premise. Sometimes they’re gold, sometimes they’re duds. It’s always a good time.

This week we read quite a bit of short fic. Starting with a recommendation from our new co-blogger Richard. A Nite In Dobby was a horrible, badly spelled pile of hilarious erotica. Snape voice is even better when attempting to read spelling and grammar errors.

We went back to the world of Ulli and his love of wrapping Roy Orbison in clingfilm. It’s so wonderful and we always make sure to use the most horrible German accents we can muster. This week we read Roy in Clingfilm in Space! and then took the grand journey through the Choose Your Own Adventure Clingfilm Game. If you weren’t sure, the answer is always to wrap Roy Orbison in cling film. We thought at one point to fight an orc and Ulli got mad at us. Clingfilm forever!  At one point we did some math to find out exactly how much clingfilm it would take to wrap a man completely, and it was an awful lot.

After that we just wandered around the internet reading confusing yet sexual Scott Pilgrim fanfic that claimed to be the best fanfic ever (lies) and a slightly disappointing Recess fanfic in which the kids become “terrorests”. Unfortunately, it seems like the author abandoned the Recess fic, I’m so looking forward to chapter 3, “Ragnablok”. I’m sure it’ll never happen.

We then read a confusing Sonic The Hedgehog fanfic that promised zombies, but instead had the cast of Family Guy but was abandoned before any zombies actually appeared. Really? D: I’m not really into the play type writing style, but it seems most of the worst are written this way. Laziness on the part of the author? Probably.

We tried to start this Zelda fanfic, but couldn’t get past the 20 minute long disclaimer. We’re clearly going to have to attempt to go through this again at some point, but at the beginning of a night and not somewhere in the middle. Special snowflake entitlement is always hilarious, but not when you’re not prepared for it.

Once we stopped complaining about the Zelda fic, we rapid fired through Mario saves “Peech” (except he doesn’t), Kuckles Saves Sonic But Rly Doesn’tGoku stuck in a tunnel, and some dude’s Encounter with the Slenderman. We thought we had one more fic in us before we called it a night and made the poor decision to read a Verizon fanfic called Saving Minutes Saves Money. It was awful, the content was awful. Seriously. Don’t go read it unless you have plenty of brain bleach. We thought the concept funny, because early 2000’s commercial fanfic? Except it was a big pile of nope. We didn’t even read the commentary on the link, but I guess it’s nice to know that more people have read it outside of our little group. We can all wallow in pain together.

Until next week!

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