[Review] Sandman Slim by Richard Kadrey

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[Review] Sandman Slim by Richard KadreySandman Slim by Richard Kadrey
Series: Sandman Slim #1
Published by Harper Voyager on July 21, 2009
Genres: Fantasy, Fiction, Horror
Pages: 388
Source: Amazon, Audible
Life sucks, and then you die. Or, if you're James Stark, you spend eleven years in Hell as a hitman before finally escaping, only to land back in the hell-on-earth that is Los Angeles.

Now Stark's back, and ready for revenge. And absolution, and maybe even love. But when his first stop saddles him with an abusive talking head, Stark discovers that the road to absolution and revenge is much longer than you'd expect, and both Heaven and Hell have their own ideas for his future.

Resurrection sucks. Saving the world is worse.

When I first started Sandman Slim I was under the assumption that this would be just another paranormal detective novel. I was wrong.

Sandman Slim follows the actions of James Stark after he has returned to the mortal realm, from hell. And what did he do in hell, battle monsters, slave to demons, oh, and he was a hitman for one of the princes of hell. But he is much more than that, he is also a magic user of significant strength. I was captivated by the whimsey and humor of the protagonist’s exploits. There really was never a dull moment. I was always waiting eagerly for what next event would befall Stark as he tries to get revenge on the people who sent him to hell. But, he finds a bigger problem then just revenge.

I won’t give away any spoilers, but I give this a solid 4 stars for being a good read, and if you like humor and action filled paranormal fiction, this book is for you.

Written by Chris Gilman

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