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Hey Romancing LP fans and followers! We are so grateful for your ongoing support and interest in the reviews we’ve been posting, and so we wanted to share a little more of ourselves with you as well! This new series, “Get to Know Us” will feature each one of our bloggers, so we can invade your world just a little more. Today, we’re featuring Carol!

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1. Who are you, and where are you from?- I’m Carol Marlow, and I come from Georgia, the Peach State. I live just beneath the mountains, in a moderately sized town, and about 2 hours north of Atlanta. I’ve always lived in these hill-areas, but honestly, I’d like to live nearer the ocean, someday.

2. Tell us 3 important things we should know about you.- 1) I’m a student. I don’t mean just a person returning to school or that I’m studying currently. I am an ever-learning, ever curious person. If there is a skill I want to master, or a subject I want to know more about, I’m going to look in to it until I am either good at it, an expert, or until I have a fair amount of knowledge. 2) I’m a nerd. When it comes to certain shows, movies, games, and other things like that, I become a hard-core fan. I’ll dress in costumes based on characters, I’ll collect posters and other items related to them, and I’m totally find with going on for hours about them. 3) I like to write. I love writing stories, whether as original works, through role-playing games, or (I admit) fanfiction. Anything to give my mind an outlet for writing.

3. Have you always been a bookworm? If not, when did you start reading?- I’ve been a bookworm since before I could read. My parents would sit with me and read to me, every night, until I was up to chapter books. And once I could read those on my own, I would stay up for HOURS reading. Middle school really kicked up my book-loving, when we had no dial-up services and I absolutely hated sports and anything in the sun. I turned to books, and would check out twenty to fifty at a time (Depending on the book’s thickness).

4. What are your favourite genres to read? – Manga, of course, is a genre, but my first love in literature is fantasy. I’m also open to scifi and mystery books. Especially really suspensful who-done-its.

5. What are your least favourite genres to read? – Bodice rippers, and non-fiction. The first is just unimaginative and trite, while the latter is completely boring, unless about someone I abosultely HAVE to know about.

6. Do you have a favourite book of all time?- All together now: The Hobbit! I cannot help it. I love this book! The fantasy of it is beautiful and the characters are charming, and there’s so much cleverness in Bilbo Baggins, our protagonist, and Smaug is delicious as a dragon (if only there were more of him).

7. Do you have a favourite character of all time? – While I laud Bilbo Baggins as the most clever of hobbits, my favorite character ever is actually his nephew, Frodo Baggins, in The Lord of The Rings. Frodo is just as clever as Bilbo, but Frodo also goes through a difficult journey. He starts out so innocent, and becomes so weary from his struggle with The One Ring. There’s something so human about Frodo (yes, especially because he’s a hobbit), and I can’t help but love him.

8. Is there a fictional character you think is most like you? – Catherine, from Catherine, Called Birdy by Karen Cushman. A book I read in middle school, I felt very much like the title character, Catherine, who was called ‘Little Bird’ and ‘Birdy’. A nobleman’s daughter (minor nobleman), living in the 13th century, she was expected to be married off against her will. Birdy loves animals, she’s sympathetic, and she has family whom she often misjudges by their looks. She’s longing to be independant and rebellious, but in the end cannot be. I felt rather attached to her and imagined myself in her place because her parents reminded me of mine, and her brothers and other friends and family fit so well in my own family. And, at the time, I longed to be as wild as Birdy wanted to be, and to find someone handsome to marry (if I must marry- and, now, I do wish to).

9. Has there ever been a book that broke your heart? – Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. I cried while I read it, and after. It was just so emotional, I had to release my feelings through tears.

10. Have your reading choices had any effect on the rest of your life? (ie, are you a horror junkie everywhere?) – Because I like manga, fantasy, and scifi, much of this shows in other ways. I ADORE fantasy films, and I do like good scifi movies. I’m a huge Star Wars AND Star Trek fan. And I like Japanese anime, as well as many games that come from Japan. And give me  a fantasy game, I’ll play it all the live long day!

11. What are some of your hobbies beyond reading? – I also like to draw, particularly in manga style. I’m a singer, and so I love lots of music genres. And recently I became involved in online voice acting. Mostly fan projects for My Little Pony things, but I’ve gotten myself a niche.

12. Do you judge a book by its cover? – Yes. If the cover has great art and appeals to me, I’m grabbing it.

13. Are you for or against e-readers, and why? – I used to be against them, but after getting some ebooks on my tablet, I must say, if you’re going to read, then it doesn’t matter how or on what. READ! Always read! But, personally, I still prefer the feel and the nostalgia of a real book. Nothing’s better than walking in to a library or a used book store and smelling the books’ pages.

14. Give us a reading confession! – I really like yaoi(Slash) stuff! And not just on the manga, I like reading fanfiction too. /).(\

15. Do you have a favourite quote or message about reading to share? – “You want weapons? We’re in a library! Books! The best weapons in the world!”
— The Doctor, Season 2, Episode 2 ‘Tooth and Claw’

Written by Bry


I’m Bry, and I’ll be your saucy guide in the realm of historical and supernatural fiction.

With a BA and ongoing MA in History, I am avidly passionate and easily excited over anything written in a time period of my interest. My primary specialty is the Italian Renaissance, but I have extensive expertise in Tudor Britain, Louis XIV France, and am well versed in antiquity and general world history. Because of my deep love for the past, I am drawn to supernatural fiction, particularly when woven together with myth and historical background. I also love high-adrenaline reads, whether its horror, mystery, thriller or well written sex. Give me something to excite me.

When not reading, I am a fitness model, sponsored athlete and personal trainer.

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