[Review] Koban: Mark of Koban by Stephen W. Bennett

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[Review] Koban: Mark of Koban by Stephen W. BennettKoban: Mark of Koban by Stephen W. Bennett
Series: Koban Series #2
Published by Self Published by Author on February 12, 2014
Genres: Fiction, Science Fiction
Pages: 450
Source: Purchase
Already faster and more powerful than the last 17 species that they have eliminated or subjugated, the Krall have set their sights on humankind.

After testing humans on their future home world of Koban and finding them worthy opponents, the Krall start a war of slow extermination with the rest of humanity. This war is intended to last generations as they apply their own version of “natural selection” to cull their weaker warriors in combat, purifying the Krall gene pool with finest warriors for breeding.

Why? The Krall desire to become powerful enough to eventually live on the world of Koban, where the impossibly fast and powerful animals have proven to be too much for the Krall to master without technology to help. The only way the Krall survive on Koban is to live in isolated and well-protected domes, safe from the fauna they fiercely desire to dominate. Only through the attrition of war will the Krall perfect their bloodline to become the masters of Koban.

Before the Krall departed Koban to start their new war, they destroyed the protections that allowed the Krall to survive on this dangerous planet. The Krall left the humans on the planet to fall victim to the high gravity, to the fast and savage wildlife and its deadly predators. Big mistake. They should have killed the test "animals" themselves! The bio-scientist they left behind add Koban genes to the next generation of humans. They are becoming what the Krall sought to be.

The humans on Koban, locked in a struggle for their own survival, return to the stars to help humanity fight and, outnumbered, take the war to the Krall.

The refugees left behind on Koban to die are flourishing. With the aid of their genetic enhancements and good old human known how they are settling a death world of giant insects, vicious beasts, and heavy gravity. For those left behind and their next generations of children, life is good. Back in human territory the Krall have begun their invasion which they plan will take 1,000 years to destroy the 700+ human worlds. But they fail to observe the obvious, we humans stopped fighting wars because we were too damn good at it.

I love sci-fi military fiction, and this installment of the Koban series does not fail too provide. The characters introduced in the first book continue to evolve and new characters are introduced, especially the children of the original characters. More is learned about the Krall, and the fact that they face their won challenges besides the humans they are determined to battle to the death. The world is rich with detail, history, and as the humans learn how they are able to use the Krall technology it opens up the opportunity for strikes against the Krall.

I give Koban: Mark of Koban a solid 4 stars as the tale held my interest solidly with little slow down and lots of action. I would recommend it to any fellow fan of sci-fi action.

Written by Chris Gilman

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