[Review] Koban: Rise of the Kobani by Stephen W. Bennett

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[Review] Koban: Rise of the Kobani by Stephen W. BennettKoban: Rise of the Kobani by Stephen W. Bennett
Series: Koban Series #3
Published by Self Published by Author on October 2, 2013
Genres: Fiction, Science Fiction
Pages: 553
Source: Purchase
The Kobani use captured Krall ships to return to Human Space. They seek expert training for their genetically modified fighters, modern weapons and new medical technology. There’s a possible block to this help, in the form of death penalty laws of the Planetary Union, prohibiting gene modifications of humans. A holdover from the Gene War, which nearly extinguished humanity.

A perilous descent through a war torn planet’s space defenses is a first step. A Krall ship and its heavily armed crew have to be destroyed on the ground, while a watching hostile Special Ops force decides if the Kobani should be trusted or killed. Fighting their way between a rock and a hard place, they prove they are a match for the Krall.

Exploration at home reveals startling alien neighbors, and a habitable world next door. A remarkable genetic discovery there will forever alter the Kobani. Winning allies, Captain Mirikami forges a bold and dangerous plan, to strike deep into the heart of Krall territory. A place the enemy is confident that puny “animals” can’t reach, let alone attack.

Simultaneous Kobani raids damage Krall war manufacturing, buying time for humanity. However, the Krall have a deadly ancient weapon that none expected. Retaliatory escalation of the war has been triggered, and if it doesn’t go as the Krall plan, entire planets and their populations could be shattered.

The first book of the Koban series caught my attention. This second installment kept it and held me tightly to the story universe as it drove deeper into the characters. This third installment has me begging for even more.

This book picks up not long after the events in the second book. The Kobani with their pirated alien ships are about to introduce themselves back into the human worlds and demonstrate what they can do to win the war against the alien invaders. Along the way they face a multitude of challenges and gain some allies, both human and alien. But, in the human worlds they must keep their home-world a secret, because the genetic modifications they are using are outlawed, punishable by death.

The characters we were introduced to in the first two books are back, and there is more character development, but I can tell this author is not afraid of killing off a character if the story demands it. After all, they are in a war, and there will be casualties. This adds to the believability of the universe. No one is invulnerable, but they can be made harder to kill though the aid of technology, genetic engineering, training, and planning.

On the whole, this book continues the strong story telling that the other books have given, but this one has that extra something. This book kept me on the edge of my seat as I cheered for the heroes, cursed the villains, and so in conclusion, this book receives a solid 5 stars from me. Koban: Rise of the Kobani is a great read, and even on its own stands above the books before it in the series.

Written by Chris Gilman

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