Top Ten Tuesday (29) – Resolutions

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Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday!

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This week’s topic is: Ten Resolutions for 2015 – Blogging or Reading?


PEP_8351-Edit-XLBry: The end of the year really snuck up on me, what with not only the holiday season, but the fact that I had to have surgery at the same time. So, I feel as if my performance could definitely benefit from some resolutions!

1. Build a backlog! This is hugely important as I hate scrambling to make sure that I have a post ready for the week. I need to get ahead not only on my reading so I have a list of books to review, but also to make sure those posts get done so that I have months pre-written!

2. Review right after reading! Reviews are always better when they come fresh off the end of a book. I have fallen into the bad habit of waiting to write some reviews, and by the time I get to them I’ve usually finished a couple other books in the meantime. I will still know how I felt about the books, but I find myself having to go back to fact-check or refresh myself for character names and the like. Its just better if I do it right away.

3. 2014-11-21 14-34-43.806Get more personal! I want to add more personal touches to this blog so that its not simply our thoughts about the books we’re reading, but more about who we are. I feel if our readers are able to connect with our personalities and interests more, they will be more likely to care about what we might have to say in our reviews! Plus, I think that my co-bloggers are really outstanding people, and I want to share how awesome they are with you.

4. Find more Memes! Top Ten Tuesday is always an awesome way to get in touch with other reviewers and like-minded communities, and I’d love to expand on that. Any recommendations?

5. Bring Bad-fic to the Blog! This is something we started, but busy schedules took over. Every Tuesday night, my co-blogger and I participate in a Live Google Hangout session where we find the worst written fanfiction on the internet, and read it out loud to one another. Horror and hilarity ensue and we need to share that with all of you.

6. Get those wrap-ups done! Wrapping up our monthly reads, yearly reads or contest reads is a great way to remind, or refresh viewership on reviews that might have fallen under the first time around. This is something I want to make sure we implement this year.

7. Patience! I need to practice more patience this year with ARC websites. I’ve whinged a little bit before on this blog about how impatient I am and how aggressively frustrating it is to feel ignored. Sometimes rejection is better than waiting for the unknown! Anyways, I need to be more patient with certain publishers and carriers, because I really am grateful for what they allow us to do.

8. Expand genres! This year I want to read more books in genres beyond my favourites. I’ll never give up my Horror and Historical Fiction, but there were some genres that surprised me this past year and I want more of that.

9. Read a YA Book: This goes with the last one, and is totally predicated on my judgeyness and impatience with the YA genre. This year, I’ll tackle one. And I’ll make sure its a good one at that. Fry will help me, won’t you Fry?

10. Communicate more with Authors (who want it): Kathleen Hale need not apply. This past year was amazing for connecting with authors, in that in pretty much every case of my favourite books this year, the author saw my review and commented on it, or shared it. Some of them even reached out! It is an excellent experience to connect with people whose work you truly respect, so keeping that going would be awesome.

302722_10152199913595058_122942404_nFry: I’ll totally help you find a YA book, Bry. I’ll take that challenge. Is it the end of the year already? I only read 75 books. I feel that that’s probably a good number, considering my super hard pregnancy (I was really uncomfortable in the last weeks due to pregnancy related liver issues and constant itching that I could never reach) and dealing with a new family dynamic and newborn. Hopefully I can read more next year!

1. Do the monthly wrap-ups. I started doing this and then my computer monitors both up and died, but oh man, (and this is going to sound like a total first world problem), I HATE working on posts that require extensive images without two screens. But, you know, it’s a nice feature if we can get that back up on the blog.

2. #badfic. We only have one post on the subject, but we could probably do MORE with it. We seriously read everything from random good fics to troll fics to squick fics and back again. It’s usually a fantastic voyage.

3. Be more interactive on both the blog and twitter. I go through spurts where I’m super into talking to people on twitter or going through and commenting on people’s comments and blogs, and then I just stop and become and antisocial creeper. I should probably stop doing that. I guess I really don’t have much to say about The 100, but it’s not like there aren’t other conversations happening constantly.

4. Buff up my backlog. Then if I need to take a few days and binge a TV series or mow through a video game, I don’t have to worry that I won’t have a post.

5. Flesh out my reviews. We very rarely use quotes in our reviews, and I feel like I could  be more inclined to use some. Also, sometimes I feel like I go off on a tangent and forget to add things? Reviewing is hard.

6. Read more classic Science Fiction. I say this every year, but I really do want to.

7. Fix my Netgalley ratio. That thing is abysmal. I really do need to attempt to roll through some of the books I’ve requested and gotten and not actually read or reviewed or sent feedback for.


Written by Bry


I’m Bry, and I’ll be your saucy guide in the realm of historical and supernatural fiction.

With a BA and ongoing MA in History, I am avidly passionate and easily excited over anything written in a time period of my interest. My primary specialty is the Italian Renaissance, but I have extensive expertise in Tudor Britain, Louis XIV France, and am well versed in antiquity and general world history. Because of my deep love for the past, I am drawn to supernatural fiction, particularly when woven together with myth and historical background. I also love high-adrenaline reads, whether its horror, mystery, thriller or well written sex. Give me something to excite me.

When not reading, I am a fitness model, sponsored athlete and personal trainer.

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  1. Danee

    I totally feel you on pretty much all your goals– but especially #1 and #2! I’ve only ever managed to have a backlog of 1-2 weeks, but I think a month or two’s worth would be fantastic! And same thing about reviewing right after reading. There’s been at least 5 books that I never bothered to review since I took too much time before really trying to buckle them and review them!

    Danee @ Fiction Function

    • Bry

      I’m having that trouble with one right now! I am going to have to go back and check facts before I review – but my backlog is gone so it has to happen! Something to reinforce the resolutions!

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