[Short Story Review] Legion by Brandon Sanderson

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[Short Story Review] Legion by Brandon SandersonLegion by Brandon Sanderson
Series: Legion #1
Published by Subterranean Press on August 31st, 2012
Genres: Science Fiction
Pages: 88
Source: Purchase
"Stephen Leeds, AKA 'Legion,' is a man whose unique mental condition allows him to generate a multitude of personae: hallucinatory entities with a wide variety of personal characteristics and a vast array of highly specialized skills. As the story begins, Leeds and his 'aspects' are drawn into the search for the missing Balubal Razon, inventor of a camera whose astonishing properties could alter our understanding of human history and change the very structure of society"

This story was interesting, but also very strange. Our main character is brilliant, but he combats his brilliancy by creating hallucinations that act as exports in the area of information he’s trying to access. These hallucinations have their own issues and personalities and know everything from general knowledge, to psychology to foreign languages. This helps him solve cases and do crazy things. He’s like Sherlock, if Sherlock talked to himself.

Anyway, he’s supposed to find a stolen camera and instead finds a terrorist cell. They are vanquished in short order, but it’s obvious that there is much more to our main character than meets the eye. I’m actually really curious to read the next installment, especially with the mysterious Sandra to worry about.

All in all this was a short, easy read with interesting characters that despite being in our main character’s head were all diverse and interesting. Sanderson can certainly spin a tale. I’m honestly not exactly sure how to feel about the entire thing. There was a lot covered in a short amount of time, and I feel that perhaps the next, longer installment might give me more clues as to characterization and the main character’s mental abilities.

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