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[Giveaway] The Twelve Days of a New Adult Giveaway Hop (US Shipping Only)

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Welcome to another great giveaway at Romancing the Laser Pistol. We are proud to be giving away an amazing prize pack including: paperback copy of Foreplay and a signed paperback copy of Stay With Me. These books are some of the many that we have enjoyed reading. This giveaway is part of the Twelve Days of New Adult Giveaway Hop hosted by Stuck In Books. Good luck to everyone and happy reading. a Rafflecopter giveaway Powered by Linky Tools Click here to enter your link and view this Linky Tools list…

[Review] Koban: Mark of Koban by Stephen W. Bennett

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30 November

The refugees left behind on Koban to die are flourishing. With the aid of their genetic enhancements and good old human known how they are settling a death world of giant insects, vicious beasts, and heavy gravity. For those left behind and their next generations of children, life is good. Back in human territory the Krall have begun their invasion which they plan will take 1,000 years to destroy the 700+ human worlds. But they fail to observe the obvious, we humans stopped fighting wars because we were too damn good at it. I love sci-fi military fiction, and this… Read more »

Top Ten Tuesday (23) – Character Spin Off

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  Time for another Top Ten Tuesday, courtesy of the Broke and the Bookish! This week’s topic is: Ten Characters You Wish Had Their OWN Book      Bry: 1. Fred and George Weasley from Harry Potter:  There is never enough of the fantastic British wit of Fred and George, and since I have no plans to come to terms with Fred’s death, I would like to see way more of their carefree shenanigans. Aren’t we owed this? 2. Oberyn Martell from A Song of Ice and Fire: Oberyn is simply too good to just be gone. He has the wit, the cunning,… Read more »

[Get to Know Us] Bry

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Hey Romancing LP fans and followers! We are so grateful for your ongoing support and interest in the reviews we’ve been posting, and so we wanted to share a little more of ourselves with you as well! This new series, “Get to Know Us” will feature each one of our bloggers, so we can invade your world just a little more. Next up is Bry! 1. Who are you, and where are you from? I’m Bry! Contrary to Fry, thats BREE, and yes its the shortened version of my real name. I’m 25 (or will be when this is posted,… Read more »

[Manga Monday] Franken Fran

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20 October
[Manga Monday] Franken Fran

Welcome back to Manga Monday! We round out October with Franken Fran by Katsuhisa Kigitsu. First published by Champion Red in 2006, Franken Fran is a manga series that, while having a few central characters that keep the narrative connected, is really about smaller stories that center around themes of body horror, gore, surgeries gone awry, and experiments in science. Most have a moral or a lesson to be learned, and others are just interesting (or horrifying) stories. But before we go too far in to the material, let’s look at the cover. Warning: Mature subject matter ahead. Only read if you are… Read more »

[Review] Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer

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18 October

I’m not sure what I read here, not sure what I read at all. The only other time I’ve encountered Jeff VanderMeer’s writing is in his informative book about Steampunk and that was kind of dull and boring but full of information (that I already knew). This was a different beast and was meant to be a different beast. But what sort of beast, who knows, perchance a crawler? Anyway, Area X is an unexplained, confusing place that people travel to in order to do science experiments on it. They are sent in small, precise groups, in order to execute… Read more »

[Manga Monday] Black Butler

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22 September
[Manga Monday] Black Butler

Hello folks. This week we’re looking at the gothic comic, Black Butler. Black Butler, also called Kuroshitsuji, is a supernatural/mystery manga illustrated and written by Yana Toboso. It first appeared in the shōnen magazine Monthly GFantasy  from SqueakEnix. Yen Plus got the rights to bring it over to North America, and the series has since become a massive hit. It spawned an equally popular Anime series, and even a live-action film that debuted earlier this year. Let’s have a look at the cover. It depicts a dapper, devilishly handsome man, who is elaborately pouring tea from a silver teapot. This man is… Read more »

Bout of Books 11- Wrap Up!

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Holy crap, we made it through our first read-a-thon. I’m super glad to have been able to participate and I’m glad my co-bloggers jumped on board as well! It was a surprising good time! Can’t wait for the next one in January! Fry’s Wrapup Sunday 125 pages of Fiend Finished! The Last Stand of the California Browncoats Overall 3 short stories – The Legend of Troop 13, The Good Husband, The Fall of the House of Usher 2 Novellas- The Day the Dead Came to Show and Tell, The Last Stand of the California Browncoats 2 Books- The Girl From the Well,… Read more »

[Recap] Tuesday Night Badfic! 8-19-2014

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Goodness, we’ve been hosting Tuesday Night Badfic for almost a year now and while we generally tweet random junk on twitter during the act, and generally half invite everyone ever, we never officially talk about it. The premise is simple, grab some booze (if you’re inclined), get a microphone and read some of the weirdest stuff the internet has to offer. We never read through the fics first, grabbing things from lists and forum suggestions or by just finding a crack sounding pairing or premise. Sometimes they’re gold, sometimes they’re duds. It’s always a good time. This week we read… Read more »

The Bout of Books 11!

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The Bout of Books read-a-thon is organized by Amanda @ On a Book Bender and Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal. It is a week long read-a-thon that begins 12:01am Monday, August 18th and runs through Sunday, August 24th in whatever time zone you are in. Bout of Books is low-pressure, and the only reading competition is between you and your usual number of books read in a week. There are challenges, giveaways, and a grand prize, but all of these are completely optional. For all Bout of Books 11 information and updates, be sure to visit the Bout of Books blog. – From the… Read more »