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[Review] The Time in Between by Kristen Ashley

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10 September

In the past two years I have become a huge Kristen Ashely fan.  I am not surprised that I didn’t just love this book.  I freaking loved this book!!! So, I am going to keep this review short and sweet to keep the gushing at a minimum.  The Time in Between was like Persuasion but done Kristen Ashley style.  Meaning it was about an alpha male that doesn’t like games.  And, a woman who is looking for her happily ever after.  Things are rocky in the beginning because they have a lot of baggage from the time in between.  Though, they never stopped… Read more »

[Blitz] The Gamble, Sweet Dreams, and Lady Luck by Kristen Ashley

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THE GAMBLE by Kristen Ashley (June 20, 2017; Forever Trade Paperback; $9.99) SWEET DREAMS by Kristen Ashley (June 20, 2017; Forever Trade Paperback; $9.99) LADY LUCK by Kristen Ashley (June 20, 2017; Forever Trade Paperback; $9.99) ANNOUNCING THREE BEAUTIFUL NEW TRADE PAPERBACK EDITIONS FROM THE COLORADO MOUNTAIN SERIES! THE GAMBLE Life isn’t meant to be perfect. It’s meant to be lived . . . Nina Sheridan thought she’d found the perfect man who would become the perfect husband. She was wrong. When Nina realizes the man she planned to grow old with doesn’t know her at all, it’s time to… Read more »

[ARC Review] Walk Through Fire by Kristen Ashley

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25 October

This year I have become a big fan of Kristen Ashley. I love the men and women that make up the world of Chaos MC. That being said, I liked Walk Through Fire but I didn’t love it. It did take me a while to get through this book because while liked Millie and High’s story I just didn’t connect with it the way I did with the story in Ride Steady. I think what kept this book from dropping below four stars is that cast of supporting characters I have come to love so much. I love the antics… Read more »

[ARC Review] Ride Steady by Kristen Ashley

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25 June

I liked the other Chaos books. I freaking loved this book!!!  This review is going to be short and sweet because otherwise it will be nothing but a jumbled mess of my love for this book.  I am giving this book five stars because I want to sing its praises. Ride Steady became a favorite because it is so sweet and genuine. I loved the relationship between Carissa and Joker. He could have gone down a bad road growing up with a dad that abused him and it took a couple of years but he got his act together joined one of the good… Read more »