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[Review] Bird Box by Josh Malerman

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11 February

I know this unrelated to this review but I just wanted to share a challenge that I have been trying out. This year I am going to read more outside of my go to genre, romance. I am going to try to read at least one or more horror, mystery or thriller book a month. This month for my thriller/horror read I decided to pick up Bird Box. Please don’t get me wrong in this review, I liked the story. I definitely, appreciate what the author was trying to do writing a world that is based on the fear of… Read more »

[Review] Birdbox by Josh Malerman

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24 October

After two thoroughly disappointing ‘suspense’ novels, Birdbox was a welcome surprise that thoroughly delivered on the genre. This book was a thriller! Birdbox begins with scattered reports of unusual incidents, where people are reported to have ‘seen something’, then suddenly fly into a mania where they kill themselves, and anyone else around them. Something out there, is causing these people to go mad, and once they have seen it, there is no going back. When the reports started, no one could have any idea that it would turn into such a pandemic, but soon, people everywhere are committing heinous acts of violence and mass suicides…… Read more »