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[Review] The Sign of the Weeping Virgin by Alana White

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21 November

Sometimes, when you love a book, you just can’t get through it fast enough. You devour its entirety swiftly, and in the blink of an eye, it is complete. Other times when you love a book, you truly need to just savor it slowly, relishing the sensation as if to prolong the experience. The Sign of the Weeping Virgin was certainly in the latter category for me; I enjoyed every aspect of this book so much that I took a very long time to complete it. This book came into my hands when I was contacted by the author, Alana White, who after… Read more »

[Arc Review] The Vault of Dreamers by Caragh M. O’Brien

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23 August

Thank you, On The Same Page, for sending me this lovely ARC!  I’m going to have an awful hard time reviewing this book because the last chapter went completely pear shaped. I have a vague sense of what happened, which I think is the point, but it was still disorienting and upsetting. If this is a series, the ending is quite bleak, and the next book would have to come from a different POV. If it’s a standalone, damn, that’s one depressing ending. Up until everything goes sideways, the book is pretty interesting –interesting in a train wreck sort of… Read more »

[Review] The Birth of Venus by Sarah Dunant

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05 April

Aw, man… this book had me quite pleased, and I was well enjoying it, until the unraveling at the ending. Boo. We begin this book with a young girl, in the flourish of a beautifully described, beautifully constructed Medici Florence, and are treated to wonderfully written aspects of the artistry and ambiance of the magnificent heart of the Renaissance. Our protagonist, Alessandra Cecchi, is a skilled artist and painter in her preadolesence, and comes face to face with the intoxicating intrigue of the art world when her father employs a painter to handle the family chapel – a painter that… Read more »