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[Arc Review] His Wicked Seduction by Lauren Smith

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12 November

I’ve been mostly reading fantasy and science fiction for the better part of the year. I felt it was time to sink my teeth into some Historical Romance. I do love a bit of HR here and there. It’s so fluffy and wonderful. Granted, I usually read from the likes of Maya Banks, and she’s old hat at writing romance. She knows just when to switch gears to keep the story interesting. Lauren Smith’s first book, Wicked Designs, suffered from a lack of interesting pacing. A lot of the story involved stubbornness on behalf of the heroine, but didn’t intersperse… Read more »

[Review] Wicked Designs by Lauren Smith

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08 November

Alright, so I agreed to review His Wicked Seduction and it ended up being the second book in a series. The completionist in me hated the prospect of starting it before reading the first book, and so here we are. Unfortunately, this book didn’t jive too well with me. It’s a standard kidnapping plot with Stockholm syndrome abound. Despite how strong willed our female protagonist is, she ultimately ends up in bed with the main male protagonist and onwards flow the cliches. Emily Parr is about to be sold into marriage to a fat old man with a grudge against… Read more »