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[Review] This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab

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07 July

I like horror movies and TV shows. One of my favorite movies is Jaws. The Walking Dead and Supernatural rank high in my all-time favorite TV shows. You would think that would mean I like horror novels too. Wrong. I am very picky about the any scary book, or a book that I think might be scary, I pick up. The reason: I guess when I read and I get so invested in a story I just want to be somewhat sure there is going to be a happily ever at the end. I gave This Savage Song a chance… Read more »

[Review] Birdbox by Josh Malerman

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24 October

After two thoroughly disappointing ‘suspense’ novels, Birdbox was a welcome surprise that thoroughly delivered on the genre. This book was a thriller! Birdbox begins with scattered reports of unusual incidents, where people are reported to have ‘seen something’, then suddenly fly into a mania where they kill themselves, and anyone else around them. Something out there, is causing these people to go mad, and once they have seen it, there is no going back. When the reports started, no one could have any idea that it would turn into such a pandemic, but soon, people everywhere are committing heinous acts of violence and mass suicides…… Read more »

[ARC Review] City of Stairs by Robert Jackson Bennet

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29 August

City of Stairs was a wonderful surprise; I was immediately sucked into a masterpiece of world-building and canon. This book and its universe was entirely unique, unprecedented, rich and groundbreaking. Yet in spite of that — or perhaps more accurately, due to that– this book suffered from having more interesting backstories and themes than its main plot. This books takes place in the war-ravaged city of Bulikov (which bears ethic and cultural resemblances to Slavic nations), after being conquered by the Sapyuri (resembling Arabic or South Asian cultures). What can be gathered by this war is that the Saypuri were originally slave people,… Read more »

[Arc Review] City of Stairs by Robert Jackson Bennet

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09 August

City of Stairs was very luscious and flavorful, rich with outstanding characters and extensive world-building. Yet, somehow, it managed to still remain droll and ineffectual. The beginning opens with a trial, showing just how the hierarchy and the system of rules on the Continent work. No one is allowed to discuss the gods or hint at the divine in any manner. To do so is against the law. The reason for this is that the Saypuri occupation in Bulikov, the Continent’s capitol, does not wish for the inhabitants to feel as though they are still favored by the divine. The… Read more »

[Review] Leviathan – Leviathan #1

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23 January

I love alternate history, and I love original world-building. These two things are in great abundance in the introductory work to Scott Westerfield’s Leviathan series. Unfortunately, I also love creative characters and novels with self-contained narratives. These two things were in shorter supply. It is definitely refreshing to see someone take up an alternate history novel that is not set in World War Two or the Cold War, and Westerfield does a wonderful job of laying the undertones for conflict without hobbling himself to real world events. ‘Clankers’ and ‘Darwinists’ facing off made for a surprisingly compelling read, and I… Read more »