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[Arc Review] The Winner’s Crime by Marie Rutkoski

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21 February

Not gonna lie, when I found this in my mailbox I cocked my head and squealed about the pretties. Then I questioned why it was in my mailbox. Did I sleepily enter a giveaway? Don’t they usually email you first? It didn’t even show up on the UPS tracking because it was one that got shuttled over to USPS before delivery. So, honestly it was a wonderful surprise. I did question the cover, because is that a sword? Is it supposed to be her dagger? It’s too short for a sword and much too long for a dagger. I know… Read more »

[Arc Review] Half the World by Joe Abercrombie

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18 February

If you remember, I pretty much hated Half a King. Although it offered some of the author’s notorious plot twists and plenty of gore, it just didn’t do it for me. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but after reading Half the World, I now know why. Half a King suffered from having just Yarvi’s point of view. The refreshing part of Abercrombie’s writing is that he offers such different voices to his characters, changing their internal monologue to suit their upbringing and their personality. Half a World offers us a dual point of view in the form… Read more »

[Arc Review] The Sin Eater’s Daughter by Melinda Salisbury

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28 January

I first heard about this book from Nikki at There Were Books Involved. I promptly forgot about it until my friend Jackie came over for a week long visit and we somehow got on the topic of how I periodically review young adult books. She then told me that her friend Mel was publishing a book, and named it. That brought Nikki’s WoW post back into a new light and I was super excited for it ever since. I’m sorry to say that it didn’t live up to my expectations. Though, honestly, I set the bar pretty high. I’ve heard… Read more »

[Audiobook Review] Red-Headed Stepchild by Jaye Wells

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27 December

I don’t know if I’ve just been away from the urban fantasy/paranormal romance genre for too long, or if it was just long enough to detox. But, I really enjoyed this book. It had everything I could come to want in the genre. The heroine was sarcastic but not overburdening with snark. She kicked ass, but not too much ass. And she has just enough potential to go full on Mary Sue if no one keeps her in check. The romance was a slow burn, and I liked that. I’m still not sure if they will or if they won’t…. Read more »

[Arc Review] The Jewel by Amy Ewing

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10 September

This book had so much going for it. I loved the ideas set forth, that these surrogates, with their mental abilities to change and shape living things, could fix  what was essentially an inbreeding issue. I loved that Violet, the main character, actually worried consistently about her bodily autonomy and that of her fellow surrogates. I loved the terrible world they lived in where royalty would treat the young women who would bear their children as cattle or a very expensive pet. It was horrible and refreshing in its lack of boundaries. But then the love interest showed up. It was… Read more »

[Arc Review] Half A King by Joe Abercrombie

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30 August

I was reading this book in tandem with The Last Argument of Kings, the last installment in Abercrombie’s The First Law series. Perhaps that wasn’t a good idea. It made it glaringly obvious where the book was being trimmed and edited for the young adult crowd, and I started grumpily referring to it as Diet!Abercrombie. Yes, this book offers all the intrigue and blood and crappy situations that I’ve come to expect from Joe Abercrombie’s work. The problem was it lacked all the depth. Everything was watered down. The basic plot moved by quickly without much depth or stalling, even… Read more »

[Review] Dark Triumph by Robin LaFevers

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22 August

Immediately after finishing Grave Mercy, I dove into Dark Triumph. I was still enamored with the idea of assassin nuns, and wanted to know more about the characters only briefly touched on in the first novel. Sybella is everything that Ismae was not. Whereas Ismae is the calm, controlled noviate with a special affinity for poison, Sybella is all wildness and unrefinement, who prefers knives and other weapons to kill. She is rough, brutal-tongued, and takes a lot less shit from anyone which makes her  an independent, unpredictable wild card. For all Sybella’s rough edges, she was also an easier character for me… Read more »

[Review] Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers

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08 August

I picked up Grave Mercy on Fry’s recommendation, and every time I pick up a book she says I will like, I am almost convinced she knows my taste better than I do! This book was a total win for me, and hooked me into the series immediately. Ismae is the newest noviate of the Convent of Saint Mortain, the God of Death. After narrowly escaping what would have been a brutal marriage, she is secreted away to the nunnery, where she is told that she has been brought here because she is a Daughter of Death , and therefore… Read more »