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[Review]Bedmates by Nicole Chase

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16 October

Bedmates is the first Nichole Chase book I have read and it definitely won’t be my last. Bedmates was a sweet and sexy read set in the back drop of American politics. I liked that Bedmates was really a story about two people growing up while finding a way to make their dreams come true. Sometimes it is not always about politics but finding the path to happiness that truly matters. The story is about Maddie the First Daughter of the United States. Maddie is a young college student intent on making the lives all animals better. She just doesn’t… Read more »

[Review] Ice Like Fire by Sara Raasch

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15 October

I really liked the first book in this series, Snow Like Ashes. I liked the tension between Meria and her two potential loves. I liked that love was on a back burner to the real issues that Meria was dealing with, saving her people and restoring her kingdom. Snow Like Ashes was filled with intrigue and so much action that I read the book in one day. I have to say Ice Like Fire just lacked the fire that made me fall in so much like, like I did with Snow Like Ashes. I didn’t hate Ice Like Fire it… Read more »

[Review] Deadline by Mira Grant

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10 October

I jumped directly into this book after reading Feed, still reeling from its tragic outcome. I’m going to try hard to avoid a lot of the spoilers, but I recommend if you haven’t yet read Feed, you skip this review until you have! After such a strong first book, it would be natural to expect a sequel like this to fall flat, or not live up to the story. However, it does the complete opposite, and continues to build the intensity that made the first so compelling. Deadline rubs salt into the wounds from Feed, and creates new ones you couldn’t possibly anticipate,… Read more »

[ARC Review] City of Stairs by Robert Jackson Bennet

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29 August

City of Stairs was a wonderful surprise; I was immediately sucked into a masterpiece of world-building and canon. This book and its universe was entirely unique, unprecedented, rich and groundbreaking. Yet in spite of that — or perhaps more accurately, due to that– this book suffered from having more interesting backstories and themes than its main plot. This books takes place in the war-ravaged city of Bulikov (which bears ethic and cultural resemblances to Slavic nations), after being conquered by the Sapyuri (resembling Arabic or South Asian cultures). What can be gathered by this war is that the Saypuri were originally slave people,… Read more »

[ARC Review] Tents of the Righteous by Eric Blair

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04 August

I need to preface this review by saying that Tents of the Righteous is one of the most disturbing things  I have ever read. Don’t get me wrong, I deeply appreciate and thoroughly enjoy a disturbing read. Horror and gruesome violence are frequent themes in my reading, but the casual brutality of this book hit a new level with me. I don’t know how else to put that into perspective other than to present the fact: Tents of the Righteous is just over 200 pages, and in those pages we’re looking at over a million people dead. Let that sink in for a moment before… Read more »