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[Review] Bird Box by Josh Malerman

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11 February

I know this unrelated to this review but I just wanted to share a challenge that I have been trying out. This year I am going to read more outside of my go to genre, romance. I am going to try to read at least one or more horror, mystery or thriller book a month. This month for my thriller/horror read I decided to pick up Bird Box. Please don’t get me wrong in this review, I liked the story. I definitely, appreciate what the author was trying to do writing a world that is based on the fear of… Read more »

[ARC Review] Strands of Sorrow by John Ringo

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11 December

I was both excited and regretful to read this book. Excited because I have loved this series from the beginning. Regretful because this is the final installment of the Black Tide Rising Series. Over the series I have come to enjoy following the adventures of Steven “Wolf” Smith and his family as they lead the effort to restore civilization after a “zombie” apocalypse. And the family hi-jinx continue in this latest book, complete with dealing with idiots who think the rules of the pre-plague world still exist. I won’t give away any spoilers here, but I will say John Ringo… Read more »

[Audiobook Review] The Book of Ivy by Amy Engel

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13 November

I saw this book as recommended reading on Amazon a few month ago. I thought this book looked interesting but was something I might listen to or read when I had nothing better to do. I was kind of surprised in a good way when I saw the audiobook available on Audible. I have to tell you I went into this book interested but I did have low expectations. I have to say in the end I am glad I gave The Book of Ivy a shot because I ended up really liking it. I liked The Book of Ivy… Read more »

[Collective Perspective Review] Blackout by Mira Grant

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15 October

Welcome to COLLECTIVE PERSPECTIVE A segment where at least two of our bloggers collaborate to share their thoughts in a joint review discussion.     Today, Bry and Fry discuss the conclusion of Mira Grant’s Newsflesh series, Blackout F: Blackout is the thrilling conclusion to Mira Grant’s (penname for Seanan McGuire) series of bloggers in a post apocalyptic world. The insect vector for Kellis-Amberlee has caused Florida to be deemed a disaster area, shutting it off from the rest of the United States. Alaric Kwong’s sister is still stuck in Florida, and Dr. Abbey tasks Shaun with both the task of fetching the girl, but… Read more »

[Review] Countdown by Mira Grant

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01 October

Ugh. Okay. So, I recently devoured The Girl With All the Gifts and I’ve inadvertently thrown myself into a zombie frenzy. Of course, the one series that gets all the devotion in this genre is Mira Grant’s Newsflesh. But, you see, I’ve read Feed and Deadline and a good chunk of Blackout. Except Blackout was becoming a bit emotionally too much for me. So, when I made the decision to finish the series, I decided to go with the novellas first before throwing myself back into the feelspocolypse. Unfortunately, I didn’t expect the story of how the Rising came to… Read more »

[Arc Review] Paradigm by Ceri A. Lowe

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08 July

One thing this book taught me? How to spell paradigm. Wow. I’m really surprised that no one else on my Goodreads friend’s list has read this book or even have it on their radar. I’ve been somewhat burnt out on dystopia for the past year or so because nothing can quite live up to the one’s that are attempting to be emulated. Paradigm has a 1984 vibe, where everyone in the community does only useful things and frivolous creativity is no longer allowed and deemed dangerous. Inventing is okay, but art and music and selfish things that detract from the community… Read more »

[Arc Review] In The End

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24 May

If this series wasn’t a dualology, I wouldn’t have picked up the second installment. With closure that close on the horizon, I couldn’t say no. In the After opened on a postapocalyptic landscape and had an interesting survivalist feel to it. Like the first chunk of the Will Smith version of I Am Legend, the story was compelling in it’s horrific simplicity. Unfortunately, this abruptly ended with the appearance of special operatives, who take our main character and her young companion into their society. The abrupt tone change upset me when I read the first one, but with the second… Read more »

[Review] Ex-Heroes

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22 January

First off, this book combines two things I like, Superheroes and Zombies. In a world where a few people are granted superhuman abilities, what would happen when the zombie apocalypse breaks out? As it turns out, there’s only so much the heroes can do. The book takes place roughly one year after the zombie plague has erupted. And the superheroes are struggling to survive just like everyone else. This group of survivors has holed up in Paramount Studios, or as they call it now, The Mount. Some of the heroes who keep the peace and guard the civilians are just… Read more »