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[ARC Review] All Chained Up by Sophie Jordan

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31 March

This story wasn’t about a guy in prison that got framed. Nor, is it a story about a man trying to solve some problem with gangs when he gets out of prison. It is a story about a guy who made and has been paying for it ever since. Was this my favorite Sophie Jordan book? No. I can’t gush and love every book she writes. There wasn’t some big mystery or nonstop action. I didn’t end up hating this book it was just a sweet romance about two people learning to open up and find love. All Chain Up… Read more »

DNF Review #2- Orange Is The New Black

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10 December

Did you really give Orange is the New Black  a chance? I think so. I, of course, picked it up after watching the first season of the show, some time last year. I mowed through about 54% of the book before losing momentum. I tried to pick it back up and get back into it, but I found I couldn’t. Have you enjoyed other books of the same genre? I can’t really say I read books about WASP-y chicks who end up in prison. What genre does this book even really fall under? A memoir of some sort? I think the… Read more »

[Arc Review] Havoc by Ann Aguirre

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30 July

Ah, I’m so glad to be back in the Conglomerate system with Ann Aguirre’s five dollar words and no held punches. I’ve missed it. The scope is still small, as the prison ship Perdition continues to contain our lively group of misfit protagonists. They still have two opposing territories to worry about attacks from, Mungo’s cannibals and Silence’s tongueless assassins (and the alien faction that lives in the underbelly, but they’re not one for petty battles). Yet, the opening of the book is full of laser fire and a docking ship full of mercenaries armed to the teeth. It’s clear… Read more »

[Arc Review] In The End

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24 May

If this series wasn’t a dualology, I wouldn’t have picked up the second installment. With closure that close on the horizon, I couldn’t say no. In the After opened on a postapocalyptic landscape and had an interesting survivalist feel to it. Like the first chunk of the Will Smith version of I Am Legend, the story was compelling in it’s horrific simplicity. Unfortunately, this abruptly ended with the appearance of special operatives, who take our main character and her young companion into their society. The abrupt tone change upset me when I read the first one, but with the second… Read more »