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[Audiobook Review] Get Dirty by Gretchen McNeil

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21 June

I got this book from EW and I tried to read it. I soon discovered that I just could not get into this story so I decided to wait for the audiobook. I bought the audiobook and picked up right where I had left off but this time listening instead. My final verdict for the sequel to Get Even called Get Dirty is: this is an okay book that at first I was like meh but the ending saved it. I am giving Get Dirty three stars because it is the kind of read that just get a shrug for being… Read more »

[Arc Review] Ruthless by Carolyn Lee Adams

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17 June

“I’m not going to be raped. I’m not going to be murdered. I’m going to bring him to justice so this never happens to anyone else. I’m not going to think like a victim. I’m going to think like a winner. Because that’s what I am. I’m Ruthless, by God, and I need to act like it.” I read this book whimsically, not sure what I was going to get into. The premise seemed sound, but a young adult, dark, gritty thriller? I assumed that it would be lacking. It wasn’t. I sat down and read it straight through, but… Read more »

[ARC Review] Alive by Chandler Baker

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11 June

I liked the beginning of this book but I thought the end fell flat and just fizzled out. I liked the beginning, a story about a girl that gets a heart transplant and falls for the new guy at school because he makes the pain in her chest go away. Then there the creepy visions, mind boggling pain that only came at certain times of day, and the feeling that she is being followed. I thought this book was to be romantic and creepy. The tag line says “Stella’s heart is poisoned.” I am expecting some major creepiness like with… Read more »

[ARC Review] When by Victoria Laurie

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11 January

I kind of actually liked this book and didn’t think it was as bad as some of the other reviews I had seen. It was a fast paced read that I was able to finish quickly. I think the story is more of3.5 read because while I liked the overall story I did feel like Maddie could have maybe done more to help with the investigation. I liked Maddie, she did cry a lot, but there was a lot going on in her life. The story felt a little like the other side of an adult mystery novel. Her uncle… Read more »

[Review] The Sham by Ellen Allen

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26 November

The author contacted me on Goodreads after seeing my review of The Walled City. Her book is nothing like the other, but it was still an interesting ride. Cleavesham is a small town with the usual small town cliques and the usual small town drama. Everyone is related to everyone else, it seems. Even our main character is related, through marriage to other kids in her class. The book starts out with a dead body, bled out on the floor of Emily’s family’s shop. That’s pretty shocking, how did it get there? What is even happening? Of course the book… Read more »

[Review] The Contortionist’s Handbook by Craig Clevenger

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19 November

I read this book for the book club that I attend with my friends and I. My friend picked the book for this month, and it was about as far from YA and fantasy as you can get. You know, if you don’t count the late 1980’s as a world far away. The main character, if still alive, would actually be somewhere around my Dad’s age. He deals with his time and his issues within his time. Everything seems so backwards, without the internet, but the premise was still pretty interesting. Our main character crafts identities for himself, new identities… Read more »

[Review] Kildar by John Ringo

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25 September

As I read through Kildar I was glad to find it was far more along the lines of what I was expecting compared to the first book in the series, Ghost. Mike Harmon, aka Ghost is trying to escape his past of battling terrorists by touring the cold regions of Georgia, Ukraine, and Russia. Getting lost is a blizzard he soon finds himself in the secluded valley of the keldara. These people have odd traditions, act like they are still in the dark ages, and yet have been recognized as warriors extraordinaire in times past. I was drawn in by… Read more »

[Review] Ghost by John Ringo

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07 August

Alright, I’m going to start off with I like John Ringo’s writing. His military-thriller with a mix of sci-fi thrown in. And this book starts off strong with a worn hero, damsels in distress, and terrorists in serious need of killing. The hero isn’t superman, and needs rescuing himself with the aid of the US military to extract the surviving hostages. But, this just made the book feel more real to me and kept me on the edge of my seat. However, in the second of the three sections of this book I felt he lost touch with the whole… Read more »