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[Audiobook Review] Ruined by Amy Tintera

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05 May

I think this book is more of a 3.5 star kind of read but I have rounded up because I did like the ending so much. I listened to this audiobook and maybe things got lost in translation but it was hard for me get into it at first. I really had to power through. Let me say not because of the narrator, Emily Rankin does decent job making the story come alive. Once, I got to the middle of the book the rest of the story was addicting. I flew right through it. Ruined isn’t anything new in YA… Read more »

[Review] Koban: Rise of the Kobani by Stephen W. Bennett

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18 December

The first book of the Koban series caught my attention. This second installment kept it and held me tightly to the story universe as it drove deeper into the characters. This third installment has me begging for even more. This book picks up not long after the events in the second book. The Kobani with their pirated alien ships are about to introduce themselves back into the human worlds and demonstrate what they can do to win the war against the alien invaders. Along the way they face a multitude of challenges and gain some allies, both human and alien…. Read more »

[Review] Koban by Stephen W. Bennett

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02 November

Well, I must say I was surprised with this book. The cover caught my eye, the blurb about it held my attention, and the story carried me away into a world several hundred years in the future where humans have colonized more than 700 worlds and are about to make contact with an alien intelligence. Too bad they aren’t friendly. This book is a good start for the series, the main characters are introduced, fleshed out, and brought to life as the story flows. The world building is solid, lots of well thought out background spread through the book without… Read more »

[Review] Kildar by John Ringo

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25 September

As I read through Kildar I was glad to find it was far more along the lines of what I was expecting compared to the first book in the series, Ghost. Mike Harmon, aka Ghost is trying to escape his past of battling terrorists by touring the cold regions of Georgia, Ukraine, and Russia. Getting lost is a blizzard he soon finds himself in the secluded valley of the keldara. These people have odd traditions, act like they are still in the dark ages, and yet have been recognized as warriors extraordinaire in times past. I was drawn in by… Read more »

The Last Argument of Kings by Joe Abercrombie

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13 September

Wow. Is all I have to say after that. Wow. After their failed mission to find the destructive weapon known as the seed, our merry band of travelers disperses. Logan makes his way up to the north in order to fight Bethod with his fellows, while everyone else decides to stay in Adua. Jezal dan Luthar, a changed man, wizened by his travels and near brush with death, becomes involved with Ardee West. While their relationship is destructive and hurtful, it seems to be what makes them happy. Doesn’t Jezal deserve to be happy? Apparently not. After the death of… Read more »

[ARC Review] City of Stairs by Robert Jackson Bennet

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29 August

City of Stairs was a wonderful surprise; I was immediately sucked into a masterpiece of world-building and canon. This book and its universe was entirely unique, unprecedented, rich and groundbreaking. Yet in spite of that — or perhaps more accurately, due to that– this book suffered from having more interesting backstories and themes than its main plot. This books takes place in the war-ravaged city of Bulikov (which bears ethic and cultural resemblances to Slavic nations), after being conquered by the Sapyuri (resembling Arabic or South Asian cultures). What can be gathered by this war is that the Saypuri were originally slave people,… Read more »